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Chat Up Lines

This article was last updated 24 December 2011

The chat up lines below may not be what you are expecting...

You will have the greatest success if you start by asking an interesting question rather than the classic chat up lines.

The reason they work better than traditional chat up lines is that if a woman thinks a guy is trying to chat her up, she will automatically and subconsciously put up barriers.

If you open the conversation with a non-threatening and interesting question, she is unlikely to put up these barriers, and much more likely to engage you in a conversation.

You will also stand out from all the other guys out there using the same old tired chat up lines

Check These Out

The trick to pulling off any of the listed chat up lines is sincerity ... and a pair of puppy dog eyes will definitely help!

The risk with using one of the following chat up lines, is it can come across as cheesy, and a groan will be the only response you get, especially if delivered with too much confidence.

However, with a sincere delivery, these chat up lines can be effective, especially with shy girls.

These are the top 10 cheesiest chat up lines:

Chat up lines are an important part of the modern dating ritual and many dating advice sites, devote whole sections to the art of the opener.

With a single line you can either start a beautiful relationship or end up red-faced with embarrassment.

We have tried to collect chat up lines that we know are cheesy, but work with a bit of togue in cheek.

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